Call for Entry: Fall 2020

Call for Entry: Fall 2020

Earlier this year I posted a Call for Entry—requesting the community to submit their work to be published in the first print edition of the Polagraphic Magazine. Like the theme of 2020, progress came to halt as other priorities took place.

We've all been stuck inside this past year, producing some incredible work in despite the times. Given the circumstances, I'm excited to reopen the Call for Entry for those who weren't able to submit during the spring and also to allow for submissions of the fantastic work I've seen this created year. I hope we'll be able to commemorate 2020 with a special first issue of Polagraphic.

An update on the magazine will be posted soon, but pre-orders for the first issue will begin early 2021 and ship shortly after.

About Polagraphic

Polagraphic is a bi-annual magazine driven by the community with the goal of sharing knowledge and bringing us together around analog photography. Featuring colour and B&W instant photography, submissions are curated and published in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We want to see work created by the individuals who share our love for instant film. Submissions are open internationally, no submission fee required.

To enter, please submit 1–2 series of work, with a total of no more than 30 photographs, a brief description of each series is required. Individual photo submissions will also be considered. All instant film photos, manipulations, mixed mediums and mosaics are accepted (Polaroid, Instax, Peel-apart, 8x10, etc). The only requirement is that the original medium is a physical instant photograph.

If you submitted this spring, there is no need to submit those images again.These submissions are still eligible and will be considered for our first issue.

If submitted in the spring and would like to submit new images, please follow the submission guidelines below.

Submission Deadline: December 31st 2020

Send submissions to [email protected] (read specs below)

Submission Guidelines:

Image Specifications:

  1. Submit up to 30 images.
  2. Images must be at least 1500px on the shortest side, and contain no reflections. (Flatbed scans are recommended)
  3. Cropped polaroids, fake/photo-shopped frames or images with watermarks will not be accepted. (Writing on the frames will be accepted)

If your images are selected, you will be required to submit high-resolution scans of your work.

Text Specifications:

  1. Submit an artist biography (100 word minimum). Please include where you are from, how you started with instant photography, your influences, where you studied(if applicable), what your career is, etc.
  2. Submit a description of the works (100 word minimum). Please include what you are attempting to achieve with your analog work, what drives you to shoot instant photography, and a technical specs of each photo (Camera, film, shutter speed if applicable, etc).

Note: Do to the large amount of submissions we receive, you may not receive a response. We try our best to respond to everyone, but do not guarantee a response.

Email Specifications:

  1. The subject line of your email should state: “Submission: Fall 2020 - Polagraphic Magazine”
  2. Please attach your images to the email. (Google drive, dropbox links and .zip files are acceptable. Please name your folder/zip file: “Submission-Polagraphic Magazine-Your Name Here”)
  3. Please put all information into the body of the email:
  • Your name, as you would like it to appear.
  • Location (City, State/Province, Country)
  • Title of each of photograph submitted, as you would like it to appear.
  • Website Address and Social Media Links if available.

Send your submission to [email protected]

Article Submissions

Have an idea for an article or topic that you would like to see in Polagraphic Magazine?

Please submit a PDF of your text to [email protected]

Subject line of your email should state: “Article Submission: Polagraphic Magazine”.

All authors retain copyright to their text. If selected, we'll work with you to have your piece posted and printed in the magazine.

By submitting photos, you must own copyright to these photographs or have permission from the copyright holder to submit these photographs. All submitting artists retain copyright to their images.

You are granting Polagraphic Magazine a non-exclusive license to use the photograph in its submitted form, subject to re-sizing to fit the magazine format. Images may be placed on the Polagraphic Magazine website or social media accounts, artist recognition is provided with any use. Should you request your photographs to be removed from the website, we will make every effort to do so. However, please note also that third parties such as search engines or individuals may download, save, store or archive this (or any other) website with or without our knowledge. Polagraphic Magazine will have no control over such downloading and subsequent use and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any such use.

If you have any questions about the call for entry, please Contact Us!

Polagraphic is a community-driven publication with the goal of spreading knowledge and bringing us together around analog photography.

How can you be involved?

You can engage with us and share your work using the hashtag #polagraphicon IG & Twitter, or if you have more to say - you can submit your own articles to be published on our blog.

If you have an idea for an article or topic that you would like to see in our print edition, please Contact Us!

Written By: Taylor Sheppard

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